18. The 16th United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) 2019 in Vietnam, May 12-14.  Click  Photo Gallery

      Can Dong Guo, Dr. Lo and Dr. Huang attended the event. Can Dong Guo was invited to presented his paper for the event.                    (PDF)  (UNDV Certificate)  (Power Point(Youtube)  (Tencent)

17. The 2018 Parliament of the Word's Religions in Toronto Nov 1- 7  Click

      Interview of Dr. Lo at the 2018 Parliament of the Word's Religions (PWR) in Toronto which is held from Nov 1- 7.  Click

      六祖寺代表如心法师受邀参加第七届世界宗教议会  視頻

      Eight AWE members and Two Luizu Temple (China) attended the PWR event. They all had meaningful experiences and the take            home message is "we'encourage interfaith encounter, to bring people people together from all faiths and to connect with love            for a peaceful and sustainable world of the future" 

16. Venerable Wu Ru and Wu Hua visited Toronto; sermons, Aug 9-10, 2017  Click  Photo Gallery 

      热烈欢迎广东六祖寺悟如悟华两位法师八月份到访多伦多六祖寺弘法开示,9-10号   详情  專輯 

15. 6th Patriarch Monastery Canada was established  and open for free classes, Aug 2017  Photo Gallery

14. June 2017, Grand Master Dayuan from China visited Vancouver & Toronto  Click

13. News from Thailand and China, Jul 2016    PDF   Video 

12. Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre International Buddhist Parade in the New Temple, Aug 28, 2016  Event Photo Gallery

11. News from India, Nov 2015    PDF  Seminar

      Nov 18, 2015, "A Happy Solution to Global Warming" by Dr. Ching Lo (English) at Nalanda University, School of Ecology and                  Environmental  

      Studies, Rajgir, Nalanda-803116, Bihar, INDIA  Powerpoint

10. Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre International Buddhist Parade for World Peace, Aug 23, 2015

        *   Speech from Dr. Ching Lo

        *   Event Photo Gallery

9. Rev. Dato Dr. Sumana Siri 50 Year Monkhood Celebtation, Oct 5, 2014

        *   Click here

        *   Event Photo Gallery

8. Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre International Buddhist Parade Aug 17, 2014.

        *   Event Photo Gallery

7. The 11th United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam, May 7-11.

        Dr. Lo, Jenny Chang and Tammy Cheng was invited to present their paper for the event.

        *   Event Photo Gallery

6. 2013 Zhejiang International Huayan Buddhist Culture Festival.

       * Event Photo Gallery

5. The 2013 Second Asian Festival of Buddhist Culture in Sri Lanka, Sep 24-29. 

       *   Event Photo Gallery Part 1  

       *   Event Photo Gallery Part 2

4. Hot summer event lecture series Aug 23-25 2013:  at Ryerson University on Science & Buddhism by the Chief Monk of the UK,              Europe, Malaysia & Singapore .

      *   Click here

      *   Event Photo Gallery

3. Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre International Buddhist Parade Aug 18, 2013.

      *   Event Photo Gallery

2. Buddhist Leadership Summer Camp with BENO 2012

      *   Event Photo Gallery

1. Unity Vesak Jun 9, 2012: Enjoy this fun festival at Mel 

    Lastman Square with free food; Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration by hundred of students, folk dances, bazzard and more. 

    Speech at the Unity Vesak 2012 by AWE Professor Ching Lo, PhD on  "Made in Canada Buddhism"

       *   Speech on  YouTube Video

       *   Event Photo Gallery 


1. 浴佛園遊會 – 6 月9 日, 2012: 在多倫多賴士民廣塲舉行, 免費食品供應, 節目豐富,有百人表演.包括少林功夫, 民族舞蹈, 攤位等。 智覺學苑,勞正儀教授在         此浴佛園遊會演說 "加拿大本土持色之佛教"。

2. 青少年兒童夏令佛學營 2012

       *   Event Photo Gallery