Students are advised to accomplish the learning objectives of each lecture topic before moving onto the next lecture .

Lecture Series # 1     

      Holistic Health  (PDF),  (Audio Power Point)

      Supplemental teachings:

               1.  NDE and Buddhism by Ashin Ottama  


               2.  Consciousness Independent of the Brain - Dr. Bruce  Greyson  


      Mantal Health  (PDF),  (Audio Power Point)

Lecture Series #2        

      Learning Skills  (Audio Power Point)


Lecture Series #3

      Transcend Dualities

                 Lecture 1  (PDF),  (Audio Power Point)

                 Lecture 2  Video clip (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Lecture Series #4

       Macro Micro Continuum

                 Lecture 1  Macro Micro View  (Audio Power Point)

                 Lecture 2  Semester Review  (Audio Power Point)

                 Lecture 3  Lankavatara Sutra  (Audio Power Point)