Q1 What is enlightenment?

A1: Enlightenment is the opposite of unenlightened

Q2: What is unenlightened?

A2: No light.

Q3: What does no light mean?

A3: Can’t see a thing.

Q4: See what thing?

A4: Reality.

Q5: What is reality?

A5: Everything.

Q6: What do you mean by everything?

A6: Everything means everything; the way you think, the way you feel, from a single thought to the entire cosmos.

Q7: You mean enlightenment is to know all of these?

A7: Yes.

Q8: How can I know all of these?

A8: Increase your knowledge capacity.

Q9: How to increase my knowledge capacity?

A9: Open your mind.

Q10: How to open my mind?

A10: “How to open your mind” lecture. Click here.

FREEDOM  (中英对照))

Q1. Why should I border with enlightenment?

A1. Because you want freedom.

Q2. I am free now.

A2. You only think you are free, but actually you are not.

Q3. Why am I not free? I do what I want, love who I want.

A3. All your behavior, all your thought processes, all your motivations are controlled by your physiology that you are not aware of. For example, an attractive person walks pass and you automatically look. You only think you have the freedom to look. You are not aware that your sensation of sight have triggered a stimulus-response neural circuit subroutine. You have no free choice under the dictatorship of your own neural physiology.

Q4. I am not convinced. I still think this natural physiology is freedom. I am free to look at the attractive person.

A4. An amoeba is good at stimulus-response behavior. How could we call the amoeba’s involuntary behavior as freedom of choice?  Such animal instincts have totally repressed the true freedom our intellect or soul is capable of.

Q5. I am still not clear about the distinction between stimulus-response behavior versus intellectual and spiritual freedom.

A5. Stimulus-response behaviors are governed by the involuntary autonomic nervous system and the reward center of the brain. The entire system evolves for survival and reproduction of the selfish gene. The entire psychological system is meticulously orchestrated without real free will. Intellectual freedom of choice is the awareness based on knowledge and rationale operating mainly in the frontal lobe of the brain. Spiritual freedom should involve consciousness independent of the brain.

Q6. I am really confused. This is too much information for me. I just want to live my life freely with the person I love.

A6. Check out what is love. Click here