To search for truth, develop wisdom and to ignite the compassion of all human beings through enlightenment.



To design an academic curriculum that expedites the enlightenment process and realize truth and spirituality.



Humanity is in conflict with itself and with nature at a state unsalvageable by religions, philosophy, science, morality or politics; the latter five are fragments of the whole of humanity. The present course of our civilization is heading towards imminent destruction of the human race and Mother Nature. A collective consciousness of enlightenment in a timely manner is the only salvation.



The five aspects of humanity - religions, philosophy, science, morality and politics - must amalgamate into a holistic educational system comprehensible to all ages and all cultures. AWE provides such a curriculum free and affordable to all.



What is the benefit of enrolling in the AWE curriculum? All human actions are preceded by thinking. Our thinking mode determines our value. Our value system determines our behaviour. The AWE curriculum is designed to instill an enlightened thinking mode which will lead to a life of meaning, purpose, happiness and prosperity. Your spiritual quest begins and ends here at AWE. Your curiosity about religion, philosophy, science, arts and politics will be integrated into a holistic humanity.



In the present age of information, the internet is able to provide "knowledge" fast and vast. But "wisdom" on the other hand has become even more remote and inaccessible. AWE's curriculum enables us to discover and develop an enlightening thinking mode with which, you and your loved ones will benefit from living a life filled with compassion, love, harmony, peace and prosperity. Without Wisdom one's career and life cannot prosper to its full potential.

For those who have studied Buddhism for a long time, AWE's curriculum inspires and enables us to fully comprehend and practice Buddha's teachings - the way to enlightenment.  





〝為天地立心,為生民立命,為往聖繼絕學,為萬世開太平〞。 摘自宋代著名理學家張橫渠先生。 






與人類有關的五個方面一宗教,哲學,科學,道德和政治,必須合併為一整體的教育制度,均能適合不同年齡和不同文化的人,所能埋解。智覺學苑 (AWE) 能為你提供這樣的一個免費和便宜的課程。



修讀智覺學苑 (AWE) 課程有何得益呢?人類的思考先於所有行動。我們的思惟模式決定了我們的價值觀。我們的價值觀決定了我們的行為。智覺學苑 (AWE) 是為灌輸一個開悟的思惟模式而開設的,從而導向一個有生命意義,目的,幸福和豐盛圓滿的人生。你的心靈追求由始至終都蓋括在智覺學苑 (AWE) 課程內。你對宗教,哲學,科學,藝術和政治的好奇心。將曾融乃入和構成整體完美的人格性。 



〝知識〞與〝智慧〞兩者是截然不同。〝知識〞乃知訊與常識,而〝智慧〞則是宇宙人類自有之本能。缺乏智慧,生命與事業,俱不能臻至〝至善之境〞,現今互聯綱所提供的〝知識〞既快旦廣,但〝智慧〞之範疇則鮮為人問津。智覺學苑 (AWE) 的課程可助我們提起覺性,領悟人生真義,直達〝智慧〞之藏,從而享受一個充滿慈愛,和諧及喜悅的人生。

對資深學佛者而言,智覺學宛 (AWE) 的課程可啓發我們從不同角度深入了解彿義,有助我們釋疑解困,達至開悟。

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