Full Curricula 2018

    Year 1

Phil 101: Critical Thinking Skills

A prerequisite to all other philosophy courses, this course teach how to think, not what to think. Topics include wisdom, argument, logic, rhetoric, fallacies, cognitive biases, the scientific method, evolution of reason and more. 

哲理101: 正確运用思维的技能

這是所有其他課程的必修科。 本課程指導如何去思考,而不是思考些什麼。主題包括有智慧,論據,邏輯,修辭,謬論,認知偏差,科學方法,理由進化等等。

哲理 101 課程推荐 Why Study Phil 101  Youku  Youtube

課程简介: PDF Chinese Video:  Youku  YouTube

Curriculum introduction: PDF, English Video Youtube

Learning Objectives & Answers


         Types of Logic

Logical Fallacies 

         Six Classes of Fallacies

         22 Common Fallacies  YouKu Youtube


         How to structure and analyse an argument properly  正确的论据

         Argument Synopsis

         How to analyse an Argument

Cognitive Biases

         List of cognitive biases with examples

The Scientific Method

         Definition of Science  YouKu  Youtube   

Evolution of Reasoning 

         Darwin on the Palouse: Daniel Dennett - Evolution of Reasons 丹尼尔·丹尼特教授-推理的进化  YouKo Youtube

         Confirmation Bias and the Evolution of Reason 确认偏差与推理演变  YouKu Youtube    

         The Evolution of Confusion YouKu Youtube         

Phil 102: Critical Learning Skills

A prerequisite to all other philosophy courses, this course teaches thinking tools. Topics include communication, mind map, how to think outside the box, thinking modes (Non-duality/dualistic, quadratic, hexagonal), overcoming mental blocks, space-time continuum from the macro to the micro realities, ontology, epistemology, consciousness levels.
Co-requisite: Phil 101

哲理 102: 正確求學的技能

這是所有其他課程的必修科。本課程教導思維的工具。主題包括有溝通,思維圖譜,如何打破思維框, 思維模式(離二邊等等及非常規邏輯),克服心理障礙,從宏觀到微觀的時空連續現實,本體論,認識論和意識層次。

同修科目: 哲理101

Learning Skills 学习技能  (Audio Power Point)  Part 1:  YouKu  Youtube  Part 2:  YouKu  Youtube

How to Open the Mind 思维模式  Part 1:  Youku  Youtube  Part 2:  Youku  Youtube  Part 3:  Youku  Youtube  Part 4:  Youku  Youtube  

Transcend Dualities 不二门  Part 1:  Youku  Youtube  Part 2:  Youku  Youtube

                     Lecture 1  (PDF),  (Audio Power Point)

                     Lecture 2  Video clip (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Macro Micro Continuum 从宏观到微观的时空连续现实  Part 1:  Youku  Youtube  Part 2:  Youku  Youtube

                     Lecture 1  Macro Micro View  (Audio Power Point)             

                     Lecture 2  Semester Review  (Audio Power Point)

                     Lecture 3  Lankavatara Sutra  (Audio Power Point)

Solution to Mental Blocks 

Year 2

Phil 201 Soul


Confront the big question of humanity: who am I? Topics include (1) a brief survey of Eastern and Western philosophy on thinking about the “self”b; (2) scientific evidence for consciousness independent of the braina; (3) composition of the human beinga,b (4) perception of physical and metaphysical realitiesa,b (5) the meaning of life.

Prerequisites: Phil101 and B+ in philosophy 102


哲學 201: 靈魂


面對人類的最大的問題:我是誰?主題包括有:1)東西方哲學對思考自我 的概觀簡介b; ( 2)在大腦以外的獨立意識的科學證據a; 3)人的整体構造a,b;4)形而下學和形而上學對現實的感知a,b;5)生命的意義。
預科: 哲理101乙級和哲理102 +


(1) The Self

      Dr. Antonio Damasio 2011 The quest to understand consciousness  Youku  Youtube       

(2)   Scientific evidence for consciousness independent of the brain

       Dr. Donald Hoffman 2016 - Computational Theory of Mind  Youku  Youtube

       Life, death and reincarnation 生死与轮回  

                     1.     Near death experience  濒死体验  YouKu Youtube 

                     2.     Past life memory  YouKu Youtube 

                     3.     Who am I? Exploring consciousness 我是谁? 探索意识  YouKu Youtube 

                     4.     Soul reincarnation 灵魂转世  YouKu Youtube      

(3) Composition of the human being

      The Birth of Humanity (NOVA Documentary)  YouKu  Youtube   

      Anthropolpgy Episode 1  (PDF)

      Anthropology-known thy self  (PDF)

(4) Perception of physical and metaphysical realities

      Dr. Donald Hoffman 2016 - Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?  (Video) 

Phil 202: God


Confront the big questions of humanity: Is there a creator God? If not, how did the universe come to be? Topics include (1) the God debateb; (2) origin of the universea; (3) natural lawsa including thermodynamics, basic Newtonian and quantum physics, teleologyb (4) evolutionary theoriesa,b including psychologya,b on moral and ethics (5) If not God, then what? (6) Religion and World peace.
Prerequisites: Phil101 and B+ in philosophy 102


哲學 202: 上帝


面對人類的大問題:是否有造物主?如果沒有,宇宙是怎麼來呢?主題包括有:(1)神辯論b; 2)宇宙起源a;3)自然法則a,包括熱力學,基本牛頓學和量子物理學,目的論b4)進化論a,b,包括心理進化學a,b對道德和倫理的觀點(5)如果沒有上帝,那甚麼辨? 6)宗教与世界和平。
預科: 哲理101乙級和哲理102 +


(1) the God debate 

      1.1  Does God Exist? – Sadhguru  (Video)  

      1.2  Thomas Aquinas 5 proofs God exist  (PDF)

      1.3  A Debate on the Existence of God: The Cosmological Argument -- F. C. Copleston vs. Bertrand Russell   (Video

              (PDF) transcript of the debate 

      1.4  Bertrand Russell's Celestial Teapot  (Video

      1.5  Richard Dawkins Debates The Archbishop of Canterbury, Science vs God Debate 2016  (Video)  

      1.6  Christopher Hitchens versus Tony Blair Debate "whether religion is a force for good"  (Video)   

      1.7  Lawrence Krauss vs William Craig – Life, the Universe and Nothing: Why is there something rather than nothing  (Video)

      1.8 DEBATE: Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)  (Video

      1.9  Dialogue with St. Thomas Aquinas:

                Part 1 Proof of God’s Existence #1-2  (Video)

                Part 2 Proof of God's Existence #3-5  (Video)            

                Part 3 “Proof of God” Dialogue  (Video)      

(2) origin of the universe

(3) Natural laws

(4) Evolutionary theories

(5) If not God, then what? 

      Study religion democratically: Dan Dennett Responding to Pastor Rick Warren (Video)

(6)  Religion and World peace

      Debate "The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World", Hitchens/Fry vs Archbishop/Widdecombe  (Video)

Year 3

Science 301: Biology Basicsa,b


(1)  Macro view: Gaya theory; magnetosphere tathagata gabhaa,b

(2)  Midi view: the human anatomya,b, Anthropologya,b, Psychologya,b, Sociologya,b

(3)  Micro view:  microbiologya,b

(4)  Evolution from the big bang to nowa


科學 301: 基本生物學a,b


(1) 大千觀: 地球毌(蓋亞/伽倻)理論; 如來藏磁塲論a,b
中千觀: 人體生理学a,b, 人類学a,b, 心理学a,b,社會学a,b
小千觀: 微生物學a,b


(4)  Evolution from the big bang to now 

      Sir Roger Penrose - Cycles of Time: Is It Possible to Discern the Previous Universe Through the Big Bang 2013  (Video)

Science 302: Chemistry Basicsa


Photosynthesis, respiration, Definition of life


科學 302: 基本化學a


光合作用,呼吸作用, 生命的定



Science 303: Physics Basica


Newtonian physics, Relativity, quantum physics, Casimir Effect, space-time, cosmology, dark energy, dark matter, string theory, multiverse, beyond the Big Bang b


科學 303: 基本物理學a


牛頓物理學,相对论, 量子物理學,卡西米尔效应,時空,宇宙學,暗能量, 暗物质,弦理论,多重宇宙,宇宙大爆炸之前後b


Large Hadron Rap 2008  (Video)

What is the Matter? 

      The Modern concept of Matter 

           Nobel Laureate 2004, MIT Prof. Frank Wilczek  (Video) 

           Profs. Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss  Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) 

               -  (Part 1) 2017  (Video),   (Part 2) 2017  (Video)   

Enlightened yet?

Quantum physics 量子物理學   

      Light 光  (PDF)

Beyond the Big Bang

      Sir Roger Penrose - Cycles of Time: Is It Possible to Discern the Previous Universe Through the Big Bang 2013  (Video)  

Year 4

Phil 401: Consciousnessa,b


Materialism, panpsychicism, monism, biocentrism


哲學 401: 覚識a,b


唯物主義,泛心論,一元論, 生物中心




      Daniel Dennett The Magic of Consciousness  (Video)  (PDF) 

      Anil Seth Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality  (Video

      Anil Seth The Neuroscience of Consciousness  (Video)   


      The Metaphysics of Panpsychism (2016)  (Video


     Peter Russell, The Reality of Consciousness  Video

     Dr. Donald Hoffman 2016 - Does Consciousness Cause the Cosmos  (Video


     Robert Lanza The Theory of Biocentrism, Part 1 SAND 2010  (Video)   

     Robert Lanza The Theory of Biocentrism, Part 2 SAND 2010  (Video)   Book (PDF)